Café #3: Evolution of Complexity

A New Year means a new programme of Café Culturel events, and our first meeting is set to be a real rip-roaring romp of an evening. The esteemed Dr Jeremy Pritchard (University of Birmingham) will be entertaining and enthralling us with his talk entitled Evolution of Complexity. He shall be exploring the thorny issue of complexity, where it comes from, and what all of this means for the theory of evolution.

Dr Jeremy Pritchard

The idea of “irreducible complexity” is one that even Darwin himself grappled with as he attempted to work out how it could fit into his theory of evolution. Structures such as the eye, it has been claimed, undermine his idea’s very foundations. After all, the question could be posed, how could something so complex be the result of slow, cumulative changes?

In the safe hands of our expert speaker, we will be taking a look at the various pieces of evidence that indicate that this is, indeed, the case. Dissenting voices are absolutely welcome and we hope to have a lively debate as a part of a lively evening!

So, whether you’re a diehard Darwinian, an arch-sceptic who believes that the animals came in two by two rather than over several million years, or somewhere in between, we can’t to wait to meet you and find out what you think.

This evening shall be hosted at the firm favourite Cherry Reds, John Bright St., Birmingham from 7-9pm on Tuesday 26th January. Arrive early to snap up the best seats in the house and if you want something to get you in the evolutionary mood, try out the clip below:

Oh and did we mention that it’s FREE?

Contributed by Harry Diserens.

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