Diffraction and Entanglement between Science and Art


This is not about a Cafe Culturel event, but the event is very much about the idea of talking and thinking about Science in a Cultural context, in a presentation that is open to the public.


It’s time now for a philosopher, well versed in Deleuze and the style of Continental philosophy, and a practicing artist, moving from poetics to images, to take on, for us, the LANS audiences, the Sciences. And Prof. Johnny Golding (here) knows about the subject, as the former director of the Institute of the Converging of Arts and Sciences (ICAS) and the current director of the International Centre for Contemporary Art Research (http://cfar-biad.co.uk/index.php), at Birmingham City University (http://www.bcu.ac.uk/research/-centres-of-excellence/centre-for-fine-art-research).  image_for_johnny

Johnny will give the next talk in our LANS Distinguished Lecture Series, on Wed. 30th Nov 2016 (http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/schools/liberal-arts-and-sciences/events/2016/golding-johnny.aspx). From its title: Diffraction, Entanglement and the Sensuous Unnatural Act (called Art), be prepared to be challenged and taken places, but let yourself go, open the mind to the exploration and you will be taken by the flow. To do that, you need to be there, on that late November Tuesday evening, so book your place (free entry) on eventbrite: here.

For the members of public outside the university, the lecture will take place in Lecture Room 3, on the first floor of the Arts Building (building R16 (red) on this map of the campus); for the disabled access further info can be found here. You can either drive to the Edgebaston campus of the University, or come with the train (there is a ‘University’ station – check the map).

(contributed by Emil C. Toescu)


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