About the Café

Café Culturel is the UK’s first student-led discussion Café and aims to place Science within its cultural context. Each month during the academic term, a guest speaker will deliver a short, informal lecture on a topic of their choice, exploring the interplay between the sciences and the humanities. Then, after a drink, it will be over to you to discuss the ideas, query the speaker and illuminate the concepts.

Following in the tradition of movements like the Cafes Philosophique and Scientifique, Café Culturel is nevertheless very different. Rather than focus on a single discipline, Café Culturel provides a context within which to explore and discuss what happens where subjects intersect and influence each other. It is at these intersections where some of the most cutting edge academic research is taking place and we are hugely excited to be able to bring some of this work into the wider world, so that the public has a chance to engage.

The Café Culturel is run by students from Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences and Biomedical Sciences at University of Birmingham, and is managed by Dr. Emil C. Toescu.


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